The best dressed house in paris

All Hallows' Eve - A Halloween home decorating contest!

Our first annual Best Dressed House in Paris Contest that we launched in 2021 was a huge hit.  I love our community, I know you hear me say that often but it’s true! Driving around town looking at all the homes in Paris done up to the nines, it was so hard to choose a winner.  The rules were simple, take a photo of your house all dressed up for the big night and post it on social media with the hashtag #bestdressedhomeinparis.  We were flooded with entries.  Over the following few days, we drove around town checking out all the hard work the people of Paris put into their homes.  The results were so much more than we expected.  Blown away by all the fantastic work the people of Paris put into their homes, it made for a really tough choice to choose the winner.  It is still early in the year but don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your home’s make-over.  I suspect the competition this year will be fierce once again.  Take a look at Tiffany and Bernie’s fantastic display in the video below for some inspiration.  Don’t worry we won’t pick the same home twice.  


“When you dog ear something, it is something you want to come back to, something special.”

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